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Different types of Warning Signals

Industrial warning lights are used in a wide variety of different applications. There are three different types of flashing lights most used in industrial applications: flashing strobe lights, rotating lights, and pulsing lights. Here’s a brief insight into the different types of warning signals: Flashing Strobe Lights. A strobe light is used to emit regular […]

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Exactly what is a Beacon Light…?

Beacon lights provide warning, signal and guidance with their powerful light and colour – they play a vital part in providing safety to the world we live in. Their powerful light attracts instant attention to the end-user and even if the end-user does not understand the colour code, they will immediately understand to proceed with […]

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Have you ever wondered how Hand Cranked Sirens work?

Hand cranked sirens are a simple warning signal, perfect for environments and applications where electricity is not available. They are also the perfect solution to use as a back-up alarm when there is a power failure.So, how simple is simple?! Easy! You hold the siren in one hand whilst using the other hand to turn […]

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Have you seen our Traffic Management Lighting solutions?

We have several Traffic Light options available, with our IPN range being hugely popular for this particular application. Ideally suited to Loading Bay or Dock Lighting locations, these products are simple to install, long lasting, and maintenance free. Whether you require a STOP / GO indication, or WAIT / ENTER instruction, our Indicator Panels are […]

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Meet some of the Team!

Here at deegee we pride ourselves on our fabulous team! Our friendly Sales Team are always on hand to help do the hard work for you! They can help you to choose the correct product for your application, go to onsite visits on your behalf and help you gather all information together you may need […]

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The different types of Audible Warning Signals

When choosing an audible warning signal for industrial purposes, there are some aspects you need to consider before choosing the correct signal. Firstly, you need to consider what type of audible warning signal you require from a range of: – Electronic Sounders In today’s world of technology, an electronic sounder is the most versatile product […]

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Are you in need of a Telephone Ring Beacon?

Telephone Ring Initiated Beacons are designed to be used where a visual signal of a ringing telephone is necessary. This type of beacon has become a necessity in noisy environments where high ambient noise levels persist to more everyday environments such as care homes where it may be hard to hear a telephone ringing for […]

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Did you know we offer Third Party Sales Support?

Calling all Electrical Wholesalers!Are you dealing with Project Work?! Let us at D.G. Controls do the hard work for you! We love to get involved in project work and as we have been taking on more and more project work, we have been finding ourselves working directly with the Third Party and Wholesaler to ensure […]

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How do our Stock Codes work…?

Our standard stock codes begin with three letters, indicating the type of beacon required, (i.e. Pulsed) and Series beacon required (i.e. Series E) followed by the voltage code, voltage required, then lamp type, then colour. For example: This stock code would give this D G Controls beacon: PSE/DC/24/LED/RED Pulsed beacon, Series ‘E’ DC 24v LED […]

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Warning beacon colours explained

Beacons convey strong and vital messages in the colours they use; they allow people to become aware of their surroundings and any possible dangers that might be on-coming. Beacons deliver clear messages not only in their colour, their position, place and time of use. Knowing the meaning of behind the colours of beacons will allow […]