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How do our Stock Codes work…?

Our standard stock codes begin with three letters, indicating the type of beacon required, (i.e. Pulsed) and Series beacon required (i.e. Series E) followed by the voltage code, voltage required, then lamp type, then colour. For example: This stock code would give this D G Controls beacon: PSE/DC/24/LED/RED Pulsed beacon, Series ‘E’ DC 24v LED […]

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Warning beacon colours explained

Beacons convey strong and vital messages in the colours they use; they allow people to become aware of their surroundings and any possible dangers that might be on-coming. Beacons deliver clear messages not only in their colour, their position, place and time of use. Knowing the meaning of behind the colours of beacons will allow […]

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Did you know that beacons have various functions for different applications..?

There are many types of beacon lamps with varying modes, however the most common modes are Static, Strobe, Rotating and Pulsing. Here’s a quick overview of each of these modes as the mode you select for your application will not only aid increased awareness, but it will also help people to know how to react. […]

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National IT Professionals Day

Office Switch

It’s National IT Professionals Day.  Let’s hear from our internal IT specialist about their career and the day-to-day workload. “How did your career start?” Like many brought up in the 1980’s, my first experience was at school and saving birthday/Christmas money to purchase a Sinclair ZX81.  I moved away from the “Wobbly 16K RAM Pack” […]

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Lamps Explained

In today’s modern world, global warming, the environment, and energy saving is a big concern for our planet’s future. For this reason, certain lamps are no longer beneficial to be using and we are gradually moving forward to more energy efficient and durable lamps using the latest technology available. As a manufacturer who requires lamps […]

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Beacons and their Applications

When choosing a beacon or sounder as a warning signal there are many things that need to be considered for selecting the correct signal for the intended environment. As a general rule, when choosing the best beacon or sounder for your application you firstly need to start by looking at the location of the intended […]

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UK Manufacturing at it’s best!

Did you know, here at DG Controls every single product is hand built, individually tested and hand packed at our site in Swadlincote…? We do this to give you total confidence and faith that every product that leaves our site is in top condition and ready to be used straight away. We are also slightly […]

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What is an IP Rating?

An IP (Ingress Protection) rating is a method of measuring how effective an electrical enclosure is of resisting liquid or particle ingress to ensure the internal parts remain fully functional. The first edition was set by the IEC Technical Committee (EN 60529) in 1976 with the aim of creating a universal standard for enclosure protection […]

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The U Series Beacon

Did you know? The U series beacon is designed to be easily configurable. Multiple units can be joined together from the T, U, V and W series allowing you to create your own signalling system! – IP65 rated – Low current consumption – 12-36vdc and 115-230vuc available – Pulsed or static options, selectable via the […]

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What is a Beacon?

What is a beacon? What applications would require a beacon?? Let us enlighten you! A beacon is a purposely noticeable device that is designed to attract attention to a certain location. Beacons are undeniably one of the most beneficial devices that we have that helps not only in providing safety, but also security. In today’s […]