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Posted by Lisa on March 6, 2024 in Uncategorized

Exactly what is a Beacon Light…?

Beacon lights provide warning, signal and guidance with their powerful light and colour – they play a vital part in providing safety to the world we live in. Their powerful light attracts instant attention to the end-user and even if the end-user does not understand the colour code, they will immediately understand to proceed with […]

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Warning beacon colours explained

Beacons convey strong and vital messages in the colours they use; they allow people to become aware of their surroundings and any possible dangers that might be on-coming. Beacons deliver clear messages not only in their colour, their position, place and time of use. Knowing the meaning of behind the colours of beacons will allow […]

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PSA/LED Stacking Module in Action!

  As you may already know, our LED stacking beacon modules have been updated with 8 selectable flash patterns as standard. You can get a better look at these by watching this video that goes through all 8 options. Having all these flash patterns in one module gives greater control to the end user and […]

Posted by Jon Whiten on April 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

techNOTE – Coding Principles of Beacons and Indicators

The latest in our 2014 techNOTE series is published today aiming to help you select the very best product for your application.  The series unpacks some of the product differences across our range and outline the pros and cons of some of the individual options. This techNOTE discusses the use of colour and shape within the context of visual […]

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Tech Thursday – Light Part 3 – Colour

This is the final instalment in our short three part series discussing Light. In the first part we will briefly looked at what we define light to be and went on to discuss some of the photometric units that are typically found in photometric measurements. In the second part we discussed Luminous Intensity and in […]