Ultra-low power LED beacon ‘sees’ everything

February 16, 2007

DG Controls launches the latest addition to its deegee beacon range, the new ULP-LED beacon

ULP-LED has a full 360degree all-round and 180degree all-over viewing angle, but uses less than 1/6th of the power of the equivalent filament lamp version. Available as either a static (SB/ULP-LED) or a pulsed (PS/ULP-LED) beacon, both types are available for AC (dual voltage 115/230V) , and 12V or 24V DC voltage.

The low power consumption makes it the ideal choice where power is at a premium, or where heat output is a problem, for instance in a confined space.

Using the latest Superflux LEDs, which have a 90degree viewing angle, the ULP-LED beacon is the perfect combination of excellent light coverage and low-profile format.

ULP-LED would typically be mounted in the low profile R (SBR or PSR/ULP-LED) or S (SBS or PSS/ULP-LED) heavy-duty cast aluminium housings.

However, for a recent rail maintenance project, Inelmatic NV requested the robust W housing.

This has the same low profile lens as the R series of beacons, but mounts onto the black polycarbonate base, which has formed cable entries on each side.

The siting of the beacons meant that clearance was restricted, but at only 150mm overall height, and given the light output through the sides of the lens, the SBW/ULP-LED proved to be the ideal beacon for the contract.

An added feature of the ULP-LED is that it can be combined with a sounder module to offer a chime, mono or pulsed audible signal.

This adds only 8mm to the total height of the unit.

All of the deegee housings mentioned are rated to IEC Protection Class IP65.

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