Traffic Lights but not as we know them!

March 1, 2007

MIH/2U and 3U Traffic Light beacons from deegee are proving a popular choice for some quite diverse applications, thanks to their robust build and excellent light output

In addition to the typical loading bay and site-traffic signalling applications, the MIH/2U and 3U, which can be supplied as either LED or filament lamp versions, are being chosen as the solution for a wider number of warning problems. Linked with the ‘Rising Bollard’ Security, which is becoming ever more popular at secure car-parking sites and Company premises, the MIH/2U is a safe and effective warning system to indicate to vehicles when it is safe to pass.

Being in traditional traffic light format, the MIH is easy to mount, and sturdy enough to withstand all weather conditions, being rated from -20oC to +55oC, and conforming to IEC Protection Class IP65.

However, MIH/3U is also being used as a level indicator to provide warnings for silo and tank-filling, linked to fill-monitoring systems.

The IP65 rating ensures the product is rugged against both water and dust, making it a good all-rounder for external and internal fitting.

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