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Posted by Lisa on February 1, 2023 in Uncategorized

Multi-Voltage Beacon Range

Did you know that many of our ranges are now Multi-Voltage.….? * Available in 24 – 230v UC (ac / dc) * IP65 and above * Low current consumption * Multi – function LED Beacons with 8 operating modes ~ Static – non-flashing ~ Standard Pulse ~ Slow Pulse ~ Fast Pulse ~ Triple Flash […]

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PIR Activated LED Beacon

Multi-Function LED Beacon with PIR Activation This is a special version of the PSB beacon, with PIR sensing and activation. Employing high-performance LEDs, yielding both high brightness levels and a wider, more evenly distributed angle of view. Movement within the field of the sensor causes the beacon to flash and continue flashing for approximately 15 […]

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IP66 High-Powered LED Beacon NOW available in 48v AC