Flashing beacons adopted by London Boroughs

July 6, 2004

For years public building fire alarm installers have met both technical and user perception obstacles when applying visual alarms, but DG Controls believes it has overcome these problems.


For years public building fire alarm installers have met both technical and user perception obstacles when applying visual alarms. DG Controls has overcome pressure group fears and concerns of epileptic attacks perceived as possible by the use of xenon strobe beacon lamps in fire alarm and evacuation systems.

Conventional rotating mirror beacons, while a preferred alternative, cause installers expensive powering problems.

Rotating beacon lamps have until now often been technically difficult to apply because of high current draw, whereas xenon strobe beacon lamps apparently overcame such problems.

The deegee model RFL rotating flashing beacon brings all the advantages of the sweeping rotating beam of light, but with a current draw below 1Amp at 24V DC, bringing it well within the scope of most fire alarm panel power supply units.
Early authorities to adopt these beacon lamps were the London Boroughs, where upgrading and initial fire installations at schools started the recognition of the advantages to both end users and installers alike.

This trend is spreading beyond the boundaries of London Boroughs to other areas of the country, where concerns over high inrush currents of good visibility synchronised flash xenon strobe beacon lamps, and perceived potential of hazards for epileptics have been overcome.

The RFL rotating flashing beacon lamp incorporates a high intensity halogen lamp and motor-driven revolving reflector.

A range of installation accessories is available, including protective cage guard and wall mounting brackets.

The beacon has a weatherproof injection-moulded housing, with a polycarbonate freznel dome lens that enhances light transmission.

Fitted with a red lens for fire installations, four other ex-stock lens colours are available.

DG Controls has been in business since 1967 and is dedicated to manufacturing high quality visual warning beacons for the fire/security industry as well as for industrial, marine, vehicle and aircraft obstruction warning applications.

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