deegee No Longer Supplies RS

October 1, 2007

As of the end of August this year deegee ceased to supply RS Components Limited with our range of Warning Signals. This brought to an end a long-standing relationship that has benefited both parties.

All products are available, and will continue to be available, directly from deegee and our network of authorised distributors. Further information is no more than a telephone call or e-mail away; as through our website 24-hours a day.

Not only are we totally committed to our existing product range, we are also launching a number of new products in the near future – watch this space!

Stock Code Description Standard Range
286-7243 MFE/DC/LED/RED MFE/DC/#/LED/Red
286-7259 RFL/DC/RED RFL/DC/#/TH20/Red
286-7265 RFL/DC/AMBER RFL/DC/#/TH20/Amber
286-7271 XFL/UC/VRA/SH Base XFL/UC/VRA/SH/5J/Colour
286-7287 XFD/AC/230/SH Base XFD/AC/230/SH/2.5J/Colour
286-7293 XFD/AC/115/SH Base XFD/AC/115/SH/2.5J/Colour
286-7300 XFD/DC/24/SH Base XFD/DC/24/SH/2.5J/Colour
286-7316 XFD/DC/12/SH Base XFD/DC/12/SH/2.5J/Colour
286-7322 SBD/O Base SBD/UC/O/B15D/Colour
286-7338 G1 Guard G1 Cage Guard
286-7344 DLR/RED Dome Lens Lens for XFL Beacons
286-7350 DLR/AMBER Dome Lens Lens for XFL Beacons
286-7366 DLR/GREEN Dome Lens Lens for XFL Beacons
286-7388 DLR/BLUE Dome Lens Lens for XFL Beacons
286-7394 DDR/RED Dome Lens Lens for PSD, SBD and XFD beacons
286-7401 DDR/AMBER Dome Lens Lens for PSD, SBD and XFD beacons
286-7417 DDR/GREEN Dome Lens Lens for PSD, SBD and XFD beacons
286-7423 DDR/BLUE Dome Lens Lens for PSD, SBD and XFD beacons
286-7445 FTX1 Spare Xenon Tube FTX1 for XFD Beacons
287-0205 G2 Guard G2 Cage Guard
289-0439 12V/12W Lamp Lamp for PSD and SBD Beacons
289-0445 24V/12W Lamp Lamp for PSD and SBD Beacons
321-1411 RFD/DC/24/40LED/R RFD/DC/24/LED/Red
321-1427 RFD/AC/230/40LED/R RFD/AC/230/LED/Red
321-1433 RFD/DC/24/40LED/A RFD/DC/24/LED/Amber
321-1449 RFD/AC/230/40LED/A RFD/AC/230/LED/Amber
321-1455 RFD/DC/24/40LED/G RFD/DC/24/LED/Green
321-1461 RFD/AC/230/40LED/G RFD/AC/230/LED/Green
321-1477 PSD/DC/24/30LED/R PSD/DC/24/LED/Red
321-1483 PSD/AC/230/30LED/R PSD/AC/230/LED/Red
321-1506 PSD/DC/24/30LED/A PSD/DC/24/LED/Amber
321-1512 PSD/AC/230/30LED/A PSD/AC/230/LED/Amber
321-1528 PSD/DC/24/30LED/G PSD/DC/24/LED/Green
321-1534 PSD/AC/230/30LED/G PSD/AC/230/LED/Green
321-1540 RFE/DC/24/120LED/R RFE/DC/24/LED/Red
321-1562 RFE/AC/230/120LED/R RFE/AC/230/LED/Red
321-1578 RFE/DC/24/120LED/A RFE/DC/24/LED/Amber
321-1584 RFE/AC/230/120LED/A RFE/AC/230/LED/Amber
321-1590 PSE/DC/24/120LED/R PSE/DC/24/LED/Red
321-1607 PSE/AC/230/120LED/R PSE/AC/230/LED/Red
321-1629 PSE/DC/24/120LED/A PSE/DC/24/LED/Amber
321-1635 PSE/AC/230/120LED/A PSE/AC/230/LED/Amber
321-1641 PSD/DC Base PSD/DC/#/B15D/Colour
321-1657 PSD/AC/115 Base PSD/AC/115/B15D/Colour
321-1663 PSD/AC/230 Base PSD/AC/230/BA5D/Colour
321-1679 DDR/CLEAR Dome Lens Lens for SBD, PSD and XFD Beacons
321-1685 DER/CLEAR Dome Lens Lens for PSE and XFE Beacons
321-1691 DEP/CLEAR Dome Lens Lens for RFE Beacons
328-9076 E/AS Sounder Base Sounder Base for RFE Beacons
365-8567 RFK/DC Base RFK/DC/#/B15D/Colour
365-8573 RFK/AC Base RFK/AC/#/B15D/Colour
365-8589 DKP/RED Dome Lens Lens for RFK Beacons
365-8595 DKP/AMBER Dome Lens Lens for RFK Beacons
365-8602 DKP/GREEN Dome Lens Lens for RFK Beacons
365-8618 DKP/BLUE Dome Lens Lens for RFK Beacons
365-8624 DKP/CLEAR Dome Lens Lens for RFK Beacons
365-8630 PSG/DC/24/120LED/R PSG/DC/24/LED/Red
365-8646 PSG/AC/230/120LED/R PSG/AC/230/LED/Red
365-8652 IPN/DC/24/LED/001 IPN/DC/24/LED/001/Red/Green
365-8668 IPN/AC/230/LED/001 IPN/AC/230/LED/001/Red/Green
381-3124 IPN/DC/24/LED/002 IPN/DC/24/LED/002/Red/Green
381-3130 IPN/AC/115/LED/002 IPN/AC/115/LED/002/Red/Green
381-3146 IPN/AC/230/LED/002 IPN/AC/230/LED/002/Red/Green
381-3168 IPN/DC/24/LED/003 IPN/DC/24/LED/003/Red
381-3174 IPN/AC/115/LED/003 IPN/AC/115/LED/003/Red
381-3180 IPN/AC/230/LED/003 IPN/AC/230/LED/003/Red
449-7464 SSA/RED SSA/UC/O/B15D/Red
449-7470 SSA/AMBER SSA/UC/O/B15D/Amber
449-7486 SSA/GREEN SSA/UC/O/B15D/Green
449-7492 SSA/BLUE SSA/UC/O/B15D/Blue
449-7509 SSA/CLEAR SSA/UC/O/B15D/Clear
449-7515 PSA/DC/RED PSA/DC/12-24/B15D/Red
449-7521 PSA/DC/AMBER PSA/DC/12-24/B15D/Amber
449-7537 PSA/DC/BLUE PSA/DC/12-24/B15D/Blue
449-7543 PSA/AC/RED PSA/AC/115-230/B15D/Red
449-7559 PSA/AC/AMBER PSA/AC/115-230/B15D/Amber
449-7565 PSA/AC/BLUE PSA/AC/115-230/B15D/Blue
449-7571 XSA/DC/24/SH/RED XSA/DC/24/SH/2.5J/Red
449-7593 XSA/DC/24/SH/AMBER XSA/DC/24/SH/2.5J/Amber
449-7600 XSA/AC/230/SH/RED XSA/AC/230/SH/2.5J/Red
449-7616 XSA/AC/230/SH/A XSA/AC/230/SH/2.5J/Amber
449-6067 RSA/DC/24/LED/RED RSA/DC/24/LED/Red
449-6089 RSA/DC/24/LED/A RSA/DC/24/LED/Amber
449-6095 RSA/AC/230/LED/RED RSA/AC/230/LED/Red
449-6102 RSA/AC/230/LED/A RSA/AC/230/LED/Amber
449-6118 PSA/DC/24/LED/RED PSA/DC/24/LED/Red
449-6124 PSA/DC/24/LED/A PSA/DC/24/LED/Amber
449-6146 PSA/AC/230/LED/RED PSA/AC/230/LED/Red
449-6152 PSA/AC/230/LED/A PSA/AC/230/LED/Amber
449-6168 SSA/DC/24/LED/RED SSA/DC/24/LED/Red
449-6174 SSA/DC/24/LED/A SSA/DC/24/LED/Amber
449-6180 SSA/DC/24/LED/G SSA/DC/24/LED/Green
449-6196 SSA/AC/230/LED/RED SSA/AC/230/LED/Red
449-6203 SSA/AC/230/LED/A SSA/AC/230/LED/Amber
449-6219 SSA/AC/230/LED/G SSA/AC/230/LED/Green
381-3528 24V 5W Lamp Lamp for SSA and PSA Stacking Beacons
381-3534 230V 5W Lamp Lamp for SSA and PSA Stacking Beacons
449-7638 ASA/DC/24/MT ASA/DC/24/MT
449-7650 ASA/AC/230/MT ASA/AC/230/MT
387-8137 12V 5W Lamp Lamp for SSA and PSA Stacking Beacons
387-8143 115V 5W Lamp Lamp for SSA and PSA Stacking Beacons
560-984 FTX2 Spare Flash Tube FTX2 for XFE and XFL Beacons
565-844 MB2 BLACK BRACKET MB2/Black
565-872 DEP/RED Dome Lens Lens for RFE Beacons
565-888 DEP/AMBER Dome Lens Lens for RFE Beacons
565-894 DEP/GREEN Dome Lens Lens for RFE Beacons
565-967 DER/RED Dome Lens Lens for PSE and XFE Beacons
565-989 DER/AMBER Dome Lens Lens for PSE and XFE Beacons
588-437 230V 60W Lamp Lamp for RFE, RFK and PSE Beacons
588-443 115V 60W Lamp Lamp for RFE, RFK and PSE Beacons
588-459 24V 48W Lamp Lamp for RFE, RFK and PSE Beacons
588-465 12V/48W Lamp Lamp for RFE, RFK and PSE Beacons
626-359 G4 Guard G4
626-365 MB1 BRACKET MB1
626-371 DEP/BLUE Dome Lens Lens for RFE Beacons
626-393 DER/BLUE Dome Lens Lens for PSE and XFE Beacons
626-400 DER/GREEN Dome Lens Lens for PSE and XFE Beacons
626-797 VRK/12/AMBER/MAG VRK/DC/12/TH55/MAG/Amber
626-949 RFE/DC Base RFE/DC/#/B15D/Colour
626-955 XFE/UC/12/SH Base XFE/UC/12/SH/11J/Colour
626-961 XFE/UC/24/SH Base XFE/UC/24/SH/11J/Colour
626-977 XFE/AC/115/SH Base XFE/AC/115/SH/11J/Colour
626-983 XFE/AC/230/SH Base XFE/AC/230/SH/11J/Colour
626-999 XFE/UC/12/DH Base XFE/UC/12/DH/11J/Colour
627-009 XFE/UC/24/DH Base XFE/UC/24/DH/11J/Colour
627-015 XFE/AC/115/DH Base XFE/AC/115/DH/11J/Colour
627-021 XFE/AC/230/DH Base XFE/AC/230/DH/11J/Colour
627-037 PSE/DC Base PSE/DC/#/B15D/Colour
627-043 PSE/AC Base PSE/AC/#/B15D/Colour
627-059 MB2 WHITE BRACKET MB2/White
627-784 RFE/AC Base RFE/AC/#/B15D/Colour
740-499 E/MAG Base Mag Base for RFE, PSE and XFE Beacons

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