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The ISB-T Combined Sounder Beacon is now IP66 rated!

  We are pleased to announce that our ISB-T Combined Sounder Beacon is now IP66 rated. Following a request from one of our overseas distributors dealing with a large upcoming project, we had the ISB-T retested to IP66 which now makes it suitable for even more applications! According to the IP Rating System, as specified […]

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Sounders & Sirens

Electronic Sounders IP65 rated, 64 tone electronic sounders, with a maximum output of 114 dB. 3 different models available, IAS-C, IAS-E & IAS-T, offering different sized, shaped and coloured housings to cater for all requirements, with all 3 models having the option to connect to a warning beacon in the same housing to compliment each […]

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News – May 2014

  In-House Development. What a busy April….. Our in-house development team have been working closely with some of our overseas distributors during much of this month, challenging their years of experience and knowledge! The main focus during April has been bespoke work, where a great deal of time has been dedicated to designing non-standard products, […]

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Day 5

  Well here we are then, the end of the 5 days of Live Below the Line.  It’s been an over-whelming week both in terms of encouragement and in sponsorship from our friends and family. As I write this, the total you have donated to Tearfund stands at £362.  I’d set myself the target of […]

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Day 4

  Today has been a great test of will-power as a group of friends came to our house and were treated to tea and biscuits whilst I had water.  But being for such a fabulous cause, and it leading to more conversations about the whole food and money issue made it all worth-while; it’s amazing […]

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techNOTE – Beacon Installation

The latest in our 2014 techNOTE series is published today aiming to help you select the very best product for your application.  The series unpacks some of the product differences across our range and outline the pros and cons of some of the individual options. This techNOTE discusses installation and includes a worked example for calculating voltage drop in […]