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Live Below the Line – Behind the Scenes

                          During Live Below the Line one of my friends sent me a web-link, wherein the BBC had published an article about how it was possible to live healthily on £1 a day;  this concept was utterly berated in the web article. […]

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Day 5 – And suddenly it’s all over! – Live Below the Line

All meals have been eaten, all drinks drunk, the boys have been full of energy but slept really well all week, and we still have £0.07 in the purse.  It’s been an awesome experience on so many levels.  I’ve lost weight but have been full of energy, I’ve saved a fortune on food shopping for […]

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Day 4 – In Praise of Tinned Produce – Live Below the Line

I had a rather interesting comment from a friend today, who has not been as close as some to the preparation for this challenge.  Having asked what sort of things we’ve been eating, the question was asked, “ Oh, have you not had any fruit then?”  My response was of course, yes, just not fresh.  The […]

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Day 3 – Hmmm……….Live Below the Line

Wednesdays are always quite an active day for the Whiten boys, as it’s PE and swimming lessons (and of course school) for the eldest, pre-school and swimming lessons for the middle one, and a busy morning for mummy and the baby gardening.  This was the first morning my tummy had rumbled, and I did notice […]