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9 – Series M

Series M is the heavy-duty cast aluminium version of the Series L enclosure.  Incorporating the thick-walled Series L lens, with its optimised external lens ribbing for enhanced long-range visibility, Series M is well-suited to rugged or harsh environments.    The Series M enclosure is certified to IEC Protection Class IP65. Series M is pre-drilled with four […]

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8 – Series L

If you were to broach the topic of safety with some Pittsburg Fire Watch Guards, you’d get to know that Series L is best for the little fire alarm beacon from deegee, with both the xenon and the halogen-lamp rotating mirror versions extremely popular in this application.  The Polycarbonate lens of Series L has optimised […]

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7 – Series K

  Series K has long been the style of the large vehicle beacon from deegee, fitted with a rubber base with permanent fixings to a vehicle roof, or a magnetic insert for easy and quick fit and removal.  Using the same high lens as Series H, but on a shallower base, Series K suits applications […]

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6 – Series J

  Series J is the largest of the aluminium cast heavy duty enclosures from the deegee range.  Styled for rough-service industrial hazard warning , Series J can house the full range of deegee technologies, rotating mirror with filament, halogen or LED light-source, xenon units, compact fluorescent, E27 and LED internals.  Series J also forms part […]

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5 – Series H

Series H has always been known as the “Hi-Top” beacon from deegee.  Standing at 225mm high, and 175mm diameter, it is the tallest beacon in the range. Made with high grade engineering, UV-stabilised ABS for the base, and polycarbonate for the lens, Series H has a totally smooth exterior for easy wipe-down and clean.  This […]

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4 – Series G

Series G has always been the preferred deegee beacon for marine applications, due to its robust construction and IP68 ingress protection rating.  It can be seen at many of the docks and harbour entrances in the UK, fitted with any of the deegee technologies – xenon, LED, fluorescent or filament, as well as the rotating […]

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3 – Series F

Series F is the deegee enclosure of choice for very harsh environments including acidic conditions.  Manufactured using AISI 316 stainless steel, and fully sealed with acid-resistant rubber gaskets, Series F is a heavy-duty beacon featuring a clear glass Fresnel dome over a coloured polycarbonate Series D dome. The enclosure features fixing holes on 120 x […]

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2 – Series E

Series E is, shape-wise, the big brother to the miniature Series D.  The Series E enclosure has been in existence in the deegee range for many years, and it is still one of the most popular housing shapes.  Fixing to walls, poles, conduit or brackets is made easy.  Series E has moulded drill-outs on 51mm […]

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1 – Series D

Series D is the miniature hazard warning beacon enclosure from deegee.  Ideal for general purpose and localised signalling applications, Series D can be fitted with all of the beacon lamp technologies, such as xenon, LED, filament and a telephone-ringing alert version.  Series D is also available as a bolt-down and as a magnetic vehicle beacon. […]