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Success for deegee at SPS/IPC/Drives 2009

With the team and the kit now back in Swadlincote, the resounding feeling is a positive one with regards to the quality of the meetings which took place at SPS Drives 2009.  A number of existing deegee distributors came to the stand to share their marketing plans for 2010, and some good contacts were made […]

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High intensity LED beacon for office use

Using the low profile Series R enclosure from the deegee brand, PSR/*/*/LED-FIRE is a high-intensity, low-current L.E.D. warning beacon ideal for use with fire-alarm systems. Using high-intensity L.E.Ds. the beacon can achieve an effective luminous intensity of up to 115 Candela. With a standard beacon flash rate of 60 flashes per minute, one of two […]

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All lights blazing at SPS Drives 2009

For the first time in 7 years, the deegee brand of beacons and sounders has been taken to SPS Drives at Nuremberg.  With an exhibition stand based on the theme of “Highlighting Industrial Safety”, and further developing the brand identity from the Hannover 2009 show, the deegee range has certainly attracted some positive attention on […]

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“Series B” – big brother to the new Series C

Now that the Series C range of beacons and sounders is formally launched, deegee has followed up in quick succession with the Series B! Using the ABS Base of the Series C, the Series B is just that bit taller, using a brand new higher dome.  This allows for a different type of electronics inside, such as […]

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New “Series C” Beacon Range

The new Series C beacon range from the deegee brand is perfectly styled for office and public area use. At only 85cm tall, Series C comprises a robust ABS Base and a Polycarbonate lens.   The circuitry is fixed to the lens assembly, allowing easy fitting of bases and wiring during installation, and retro-fitting of the […]

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“Series C” Sounder/ Beacon combos pack a punch

With formal launch of the “Series C” Industrial Sounder, the IAS-C, with its sound output of up to 110 dB, focus as always with the deegee range is on how versatile our products are. Developed with an eye on the flexibility of the Series C range, a core application is the combining of the Industrial Sounder with […]

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“Series C” Sounder gets attention

Development is now complete on the deegee brand “Series C” Industrial Sounder, known as IAS-C.  Using the same white ABS housing as the Series C Beacons, the Sounder can be used as a stand-alone unit, or joined with one of the many visual beacons in the Series C range. With a sound output of up to 110 dB […]