6 – Series J

December 6, 2009

 deegee Series J beacons

Series J is the largest of the aluminium cast heavy duty enclosures from the deegee range.  Styled for rough-service industrial hazard warning , Series J can house the full range of deegee technologies, rotating mirror with filament, halogen or LED light-source, xenon units, compact fluorescent, E27 and LED internals. 

Series J also forms part of the Aviation Obstruction Warning range, certified to the ICAO Low Intensity Type A (10cd) standard.  Both LED and compact fluorescent versions are available to meet this standard. 

Fixing holes are drilled on 164 x 215 centres for either direct surface mounting or clamp mounting to standard 6”, 8” or 10” RSJ, and there are threaded M20 entries in the base and the side for direct conduit/gland coupling.  Finished with a UV-stabilised polycarbonate lens in red, amber, green, blue or clear, Series J is sturdy enough for the most aggressive environment.

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