1 – Series D

December 1, 2009

deegee Series D beacons

Series D is the miniature hazard warning beacon enclosure from deegee.  Ideal for general purpose and localised signalling applications, Series D can be fitted with all of the beacon lamp technologies, such as xenon, LED, filament and a telephone-ringing alert version.  Series D is also available as a bolt-down and as a magnetic vehicle beacon.

Fixing drill-outs on 51mm centres facilitate direct conduit box mounting, and cable access is easily made through a central 10mmØ entry in the base. 

The base of Series D is available in black or white high grade engineering ABS.  The lens, in all of the standard deegee beacon colours of red, amber, green, blue, clear and purple, is manufactured from UV-stabilised Polycarbonate.

Accessories for Series D include Wall-Mounting Brackets in Stainless Steel or Polycarbonate, coloured white or black, a pole-mount for erecting on top of control panels, and a stainless steel cage guard.

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